Pillsbury Dough Boy Costume DIY

Pillsbury Dough Boy Baby Costume | Halloween | Pretty as a Peach

Pillsbury Dough Boy DIY Costume

White Long Sleeve Onesie | White Leggings | White Burp Cloth | White Chef Hat

Last year, we had the cutest (yet blurry) little Pillsbury Dough Boy! It was the EASIEST costume and was perfect for his little baby belly. I used a white long sleeve onesie, white legging, a white burp cloth folded into a triangle, rolled halfway and tied, and a chef’s hat to top it off. For the Pillsbury Logo, I actually used my Cricut machine but you can easily print it off on white paper and use some hot glue. I did have to safety pin the hat the right size but it was pretty simple!

Let me know what your favorite kids Halloween costume is. This year we are Max, the Bull, and Douglas from Where the Wild Things Are.

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