Gilmore Girls Reunion Countdown – 20 Days to Go {Free Printable}

Free Gilmore Girls Printables | Pretty as a Peach

Gilmore Girls is loaded with so many great personalities! Sooki though, is the total ride or die chick! She is so loyal AND her cooking skills are completely insane. She’s honest, and fun, and a total basket case which you can reveal your true basket case self toand be besties for the resties. The woman who would never judge you for saying besties for the resties.

In preparation for the big day I’ve been perusing for Gilmore Girls swag and found these gems for y’all. If you are hosting a viewing party you need these as prizes!

This sooki bobble head

Gilmore Girls Viewing Party Prizes | Sooki Bobblehead


 This Unofficial Gilmore Girls Cookbook

Gilmore Girls Viewing Party Prizes | Gilmore Girls Cookbook and Recipies



I'm so hot I may hit on myself tonight | Sooki | Gilmore Girls Free Printable | Pretty as a Peach

{click to download 8.5 x 11}


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