Gilmore Girls Reunion Countdown – 13 Days to Go {Free Printable}

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In honor of the weekend, and if you’re a parent like me, this is for you.

Prior to my bundle of joy, I loved waking up early. Now, I HAVE to wake up early and it takes all the joy out of it. It’s not like I’m getting things accomplished or packing up for a sporadic weekend trip. Le sigh.


I find nothing exciting before eleven | Rory | Gilmore Girls Quote Free Printable | Pretty as a Peach Blog

{ click to download 8.5 x 11 }

Fun fact, I scared the crap out of a nurse after giving birth because I had one of these sleep masks. She walked in while I was getting rest and did not expect that! Maybe it will work with kids too?

Eyelash Sleep Mask

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