Toddler Boy Gift Guide

Beau is such an active kiddo. Trying to get him to sit down and actually play with a toy is hard. It tends to go more like pick-up the toy, throw the toy, chase the toy, climb with the toy in hand, try to give the toy to the dog, dance with the toy. The kid loves to move. This year we are focusing on things that will keep our active little boy delighted!

Traditionally we do family gifts on Christmas Eve and of course Santa Gifts and stockings on Christmas Day. I am following two basic models for my gifting. On Christmas Eve we will do a something to wear, something he needs, something he wants, and something for him to experience. Christmas Day, we ask Santa to bring three gifts just as the three wise men did. We ask for one larger/nicer gift (that’s the gold), and two smaller gifts (representing the frankincense and myrrh).

Toddler Boy Gift Guide | Christmas Gifts for Active Children | Pretty as a Peach Blog

  1. Janie and Jack is my go to for nice outfits. They are pricey but great for special occasions and can be found on sale often. Sweater / Button-Up Shirt / Pants
  2. Beau is in need of a table and chair that he can sit at for meal times, crafting, and playing. This set from Pottery Barn is adorable! Table and Chair Set
  3. Just way to cool to pass up, we had to get this mini roller coaster
  4. Mommy and Me classes are available often and offer introductory movement, body control, music and some special bonding time. We can’t wait to try The Little Gym.
  5. We weren’t ready to invest in a swing set just but wanted something that would offer the chance to climb or swing. We got both in the Little Tykes Hide & Seek Climber & Swing Set.
  6. Our kiddo has already taken a liking to toy cars! When we saw the price we knew we had to get the Fisher Price Little People City Skyway Playset
  7. This How To Collection looked too cute to pass up.

What’s on your list this year?

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