About Me

Hey, y’all. Welcome to Pretty as a Peach.

I’m Anna. I dreamed this blog up as a way to connect and help organize the pros and cons of different topics, give HONEST reviews and feedback on products and experiences, give y’all an insight into my bargain shopping addiction, and have an excuse to do some fun projects that I couldn’t justify taking on unless I could tell my hsband “it’s for the blog”. This blog will cover so many aspects of life; beauty, home decor, crafts, being a Momma, my constant battle between fitness and laziness, and whatever else my completely random mind comes up with. I tend to be a little bit smart assy so you’ve been warned. My goal here is really to find a way to connect and help people even if it’s in a small, mundane way (such as finding you a deal on an outfit, or simple home decor updates).

I’m part dreamer and part firmly rooted in reality. My husband let’s me know when I am being a pessimist, even when I see it as being realistic. I am a mother who disliked (most of) my pregnancy, who works a full-time job, who likes to get out and enjoy events and activities (as long as I’m home before 10:30p), and who loves clothing!

I am married to an amazing, motivated, and stubborn man who is my partner in all things.

Beau is our first, wonderful, precious, joyful, pain-in-the-behind child.

We just uprooted from Utah to Texas and man has it been a ride.

Y’all come back now, ya hear.


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