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Yesterday, I learned about a movement called Dressember. It’s mission is raising funds and awareness to oppose the worldwide trafficking and exploitation of women. The challenge is to wear a dress every day in December! Get creative and revive those dresses. I personally LOVE anything girly and dressy, and unfortunately am running low on items that fit properly. That won’t stop me though! Better late than never, I’m joining the movement.

Will join me in the challenge this month?

Fur Jacket & Dress Outfit | LuLaRoe Carly | White Shag Fur Jacket | Dressember | Pretty as a Peach Blog

Dress: LuLaRoe Carly | Jacket: Old (Similar Here)

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Favorite Makeup Items for 2016

2016 Favorite Must-Have Makeup Products | Maybelliene Fit Me | Kat Von D Shade + Light | L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer | Urban Decay Potion Primer | Femme Couture Baked Eyesahow - Pure Platinum | NYX Lingirie | Real Techniques Beauty Sponge | Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | ColourPop Matte Eyeshadow | Pretty as a Peach Blog

I love playing with makeup and 2016 brought some amazing products. Unfortunately I don’t have unlimited funds to try them all out. I have a REALLY long wish list. But I did get to try some real gems. I am letting you in on some of my go-to products. Obviously I don’t even have one of everything here but I do have the items I find myself reaching for consistently. In the comments let me know what I HAVE to try in 2017!

2016 Favorite Must-Have Makeup Products | Maybelliene Fit Me | Kat Von D Shade + Light | L'oreal Magic Lumi Primer | Urban Decay Potion Primer | Femme Couture Baked Eyeshadow - Pure Platinum | NYX Lingerie | Real Techniques Beauty Sponge | Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara | ColourPop Matte Eyeshadow | Pretty as a Peach Blog

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  1. Maybelliene Fit Me Dewy + Smooth Foundation : buildable coverage that gives you a great glow. Used with a good primer it is great!
  2. Kat Von D Shade + Light Contour Palette : I tried so many drugstore brands but no one came close to the color payout of Kat’s shades. TBH I don’t use the “light” shades but the contour colors I use all of them on different occasions. I am fair skin and literally can wear each color. It’s a must have for contouring.
  3. L’oreal Magic Lumi Primer : OK this kind of false advertising. I don’t love this as a face primer. But I do love this as a thinning agent for concealers or foundations that are too thick (causing that “cakey” look) I use this really often to thin out my concealer without losing a lot of color payout (because a little goes a long way) and it makes whatever you are mixing it with stay better!
  4. Urban Decay Potion Primer : This has been an essential in so many of our makeup bags for so long, and for a reason. I still have yet to find a better eyeshadow primer that prevents creasing and makes any eyeshadow stick.
  5. Femme Couture Baked Eyeshadow – Pure Platinum : Another case of false advertising but this stuff will give you blinding, NikkieTutorials level, highlight. It is soooo good as a highlighter.
  6. NYX Lingerie Lipsticks in Bedtime Flirt & Exotic : I’ll be honest, I own each color in the collection. They stay put pretty well for not being a long-wear lipstick, the matte is so in right now, and they are so easy to color match. These two colors in particular are just gorgeous colors. If you had to go with two they are great starter colors.
  7. Real Techniques Beauty Sponge : My go-to beauty sponge.
  8. Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara : Want amazing lashes? Try this mascara. Although some claim it made their lashes clumpy I found it easy to thin out any clumps with the brush. And while on the topic, that brush catches each lash. Love.
  9. ColourPop Matte Eyeshadows : Great color payout, great color selection, and so very reasonably priced. My go to color right now is seeker and is the perfect crease / outer-crease color. This is my first foray into ColourPop and I would love to try more!
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Toddler Boy Gift Guide

Beau is such an active kiddo. Trying to get him to sit down and actually play with a toy is hard. It tends to go more like pick-up the toy, throw the toy, chase the toy, climb with the toy in hand, try to give the toy to the dog, dance with the toy. The kid loves to move. This year we are focusing on things that will keep our active little boy delighted!

Traditionally we do family gifts on Christmas Eve and of course Santa Gifts and stockings on Christmas Day. I am following two basic models for my gifting. On Christmas Eve we will do a something to wear, something he needs, something he wants, and something for him to experience. Christmas Day, we ask Santa to bring three gifts just as the three wise men did. We ask for one larger/nicer gift (that’s the gold), and two smaller gifts (representing the frankincense and myrrh).

Toddler Boy Gift Guide | Christmas Gifts for Active Children | Pretty as a Peach Blog

  1. Janie and Jack is my go to for nice outfits. They are pricey but great for special occasions and can be found on sale often. Sweater / Button-Up Shirt / Pants
  2. Beau is in need of a table and chair that he can sit at for meal times, crafting, and playing. This set from Pottery Barn is adorable! Table and Chair Set
  3. Just way to cool to pass up, we had to get this mini roller coaster
  4. Mommy and Me classes are available often and offer introductory movement, body control, music and some special bonding time. We can’t wait to try The Little Gym.
  5. We weren’t ready to invest in a swing set just but wanted something that would offer the chance to climb or swing. We got both in the Little Tykes Hide & Seek Climber & Swing Set.
  6. Our kiddo has already taken a liking to toy cars! When we saw the price we knew we had to get the Fisher Price Little People City Skyway Playset
  7. This How To Collection looked too cute to pass up.

What’s on your list this year?

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Advent Calendar for the Adventurous Baby

Advent Calendar for the Adventurous Baby | Baby, Toddler, and Family Christmas | Active Advent | San Antonio | Pretty as a Peach Blog

My family is Catholic and we start our advent calendar on the day of the liturgical advent. That means a few extra days of fun for us! As a family we really enjoy going out and doing things. Beau is still too young to really understand or participate in a lot of activities so this year I wanted to make sure I choose things that were age appropriate for him.

I want to talk about Christmas traditions that steal your joy though. I created this knowing that I may very well have a few days that need to be changed or moved around. That is OK. If you are trying to cram things in, and it’s stealing your joy, drop it. It won’t be the end of the world. If this is too active for you, choose family activities in the home that can be as small as someone picking out their favorite Christmas song and singing along as a family. Christmas should be a joyful time full of anticipation. If this doesn’t bring you that, then don’t sweat it!

  • Put up our Christmas Tree : We have plastic ornaments, faux flowers, and ribbons that we will be decorating our tree with until Beau is old enough not to break the ornaments that are keepsakes for us. We gathered most of our decorations for the tree from Walmart and Dollar Tree!
  • Set out nativity and read nativity story : A beautiful story and the perfect time to set out that nativity set
  • Watch a Christmas Show : We don’t really do screen time in our house so I feel really sure Beau could not sit through a movie. I do feel like a Christmas themed kids show on a week night might spark his interest
  • Make a kid-friendly wreath and hang it : Get different color felt and velcro to make a kid friendly wreath
  • Christmas socks : I have one pair of Christmas socks I bought at the Dollar Spot at Target
  • Hang Mistletoe : Purchase faux mistletoe from Amazon or buy fresh locally and hang in your doorways. The fun begins when you lay in wait for you little ones to cross the thresholds for little Christmas kisses.
  • Tamales! Festival at the Pearl : Tamales during Christmas time are quintessential in Texas. San Antonio has a special event just for this purpose! This is perfect for our little one who LOVES to eat.
  • Take Christmas Pictures : This may seem late to some but with a young child my motto is better late than never. Even if you can’t use these for your Christmas cards, get dressed up and have fun with your camera on a timer!
  • Hang Stockings : We will be hanging our stocking so that St. Nicholas can leave us goodies, on the feast of St. Nicholas
  • Feast of Immaculate Conception : Attend Mass as a family
  • Pancakes and Fire Trucks with Santa : This event is a little drive for us but it’s also home to a huge outlet mall so I am not complaining! I figure we can see Santa and Fire Trucks in the morning and get some shopping done in the afternoon!
  • Christmas Pajama Party : We will be hosting a very low-key, pajama playdate at the house. Complete with milk and afternoon pancakes!
  • Feast of Our Lady Guadalupe : To celebrate we will be cooking Mexican food that evening!
  • Feast of St. Lucia : A fun way to celebrate the feast of St. Lucia is to go out after dinner and take a walk (or drive) and look at all the Christmas lights in your neighborhood or maybe a new neighborhood
  • Make Salt Dough Ornament keepsakes : I will again use this resource to make some sweet keepsakes for su to keep and some for family members. Things like handprints or stars painted by the kiddos are great ideas
  • Donate 5 toys : Pick 5 toys that are very gently used and that have been outgrown and take them to the nearest donation spot
  • Christmas Book #3 : This time, I’ll choose one from a local small business bookstore
  • Sea World’s Christmas Celebration : We have season passes to Sea World San Antonio and Beau loves to go see the animals. You can always replace this with a different amusement park, a tree lighting, and more.
  • Santa’s Ranch : A local stop drive through park with Christmas light abound!
  • Make Teacher Gifts : Handmade and personal gifts for daycare teachers and babysitters
  • Christmas Book #4 : Again from Usborne Books, “My First Christmas Keyboard Book”, be warned that the pages are paper so young ones need supervision but they will have a blast pressing the keyboard buttons
  • Listen and Dance to The Nutcracker Ballet music : As Christmas approaches, we know it will be a busy week so we are opting for in home fun. A dance party to The Nutcracker is not only fun but it’s exercise too.
  • Take out the Christmas Hats and play dress up : I have built up an assortment of Christmas hats over the years. It will be the perfect time to take them out, put them on and make some silly faces while listening to Christmas music.
  • Decorate Christmas Pre-Wrapped Presents : This year I plan to wrap my gifts in butcher type paper and unleash Beau with markers, stickers, and bows.
  • Bake Christmas Cookies & Jammie Elf : Baking cookies for Santa is a must but I’m really excited to share the tradition (and the genius) of the Jammie Elf. The Jammie Elf was introduced to me through a sweet friend! When she told our small and close knit group of Moms about it, we all about lost our marbles. The Jammie Elf rings the doorbell (and then leaves before the kids can see him, because he’s so busy, you know) and leaves a box of family pajamas and either a book or movie. The box being delivered signals that Santa is on his way to your house right now. It’s time to get in your jammies, read your book or watch your movie and go to bed! It’s a great way to get the kids in bed early so that Santa can work his magic!

I hope you have a magical advent season! Tell me what your favorite Christmas traditions are below.

Happy Holidays | Baby Photography | Christmas Photography

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Gilmore Girls Reunion Countdown – 3 Days to Go {Free Printable}

Free Gilmore Girls Printables | Pretty as a Peach

True story, I ALWAYS wanted to be part of a secret society. It never happened (rats!) but I was able to live vicariously through Rory, so at least there’s that! In Omnia Paratus means ready for anything, and it opened Rory up to a whole different world. She was forced to step outside of her comfort zone and it was so great. In the comments tell me something you have always secretly (or not so secretly) wished for.

In Omnia Paratus | Life and Death Brigade | Gilmore Girls Quote Free Printable | Pretty as a Peach Blog

{ click to download 8.5 X 11 }

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Gilmore Girls Reunion Countdown – 6 Days to Go {Free Printable}

Free Gilmore Girls Printables | Pretty as a Peach

One of the things I love (and hate) about our beloved Gilmore Girls is how much they love food. I mean they love food! In 2016 they would be self-proclaimed “foodies”. I also hate that we see them eat so much junk but yet never exercise. For one, I’m jealous of their seemingly naturally high metabolism. But in reality I don’t know that anyone can eat like that and not gain a few pounds. I do have to say that Lane Kim hit the nail on the head when she said this.


It's so satisfying to watch people exercise while you eat junk food | Lane Kim | Gilmore Girls Quote Free Printable | Pretty as a Peach Blog

{ click to download 8.5 x 11 }

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