Clean and Neutral Country Cottage Nursery

Clean and Neutral Country Cottage Nursery - Pretty as a Peach

When I found out I was pregnant I started pinning nurseries right away. I was slightly totally obsessed. When I got done with it I was so happy. When we moved one of the things I was the saddest about was losing that perfect nursery room. Large windows with hand picked shutters offering tons of natural light. The windows! Swoon.

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When I started on the nursery I was bound and determined to have a functional space that had elegance and was bright and airy. We ended up with this. It deviated a quite a bit from our original plan but ended up coming together very organically. I knew we had to have a chandelier and soft french blues. I DIY’ed the name art, spent hours finding the perfect art. The seersucker bunting is actually from my baby shower. The chair was a huge deal to my husband. Since he is so tall he wanted something that would be comfortable and fit his height. We took two trips and 4 hours (you read that right, FOUR) at the local baby store picking out the chair and fabric. We organized the closet so there was a spot for everything and tried not to purchase more than it could fit. Without further ado, here is the nursery:

Clean and Neutral Country Cottage Nursery - Pretty as a PeachSources: crib/crib skirt/frames/chandelier/ceiling medallion/{similar}crown

Clean and Neutral Country Cottage Nursery - Pretty as a PeachSources: dresser/lamp/shadow boxes/changing pad/pad cover

Clean and Neutral Country Cottage Nursery - Pretty as a PeachSources: fleur de lis iron art/baskets {Home Goods}

Now that our little boy is one (and we are in a new home), it’s time to start thinking of a toddler room. I can’t wait to find the perfect theme for him all over again!

**wall color is Nimbus from Benjamin Moore




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Easy & Frugal Child in Carseat Reminder Hack

Easy & Frugal Child in Carseat Reminder DIY Hack

This past weekend another story broke about a child dying after being forgotten in a hot car. This particular child was the son of a firefighter. A person who has signed up as a career to help save people. A person who goes into burning buildings to save lives.

I am one of the most forgetful persons on the planet. I have shown up to work without my badge or laptop. I have gone on vacation and forgotten my toothbrush. I forget things on a daily basis. Important things. Arguably a child is different but I still have a great fear that this could happen to me.

Because of that fear, I have spent many restless nights while I was pregnant thinking of how I could avoid this. Here is what I came up with.

What you will need: Bright Starts Lots of Links {2-3 sets}

Step 1. Make a long chain out of the links.

Step 2. Attach one end to your carseat or somewhere in the backseat where you child cannot reach it.

Easy & Frugal Child in Carseat Reminder DIY Hack

Step 3. When the child is in the carseat, take the other end and hook it somewhere in the front of the car . In my case I hook it to the gear shift.

Easy & Frugal Child in Carseat Reminder DIY Hack

Easy & Frugal Child in Carseat Reminder DIY Hack

Step 4. When you take baby out, remove from front and place in the backseat.

Easy & Frugal Child in Carseat Reminder DIY Hack


Obviously each car is configured differently but I have found this method to be very versatile for every car. Please let me know below if this trick works for you or if you have nay questions.


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Fall Transition Outfit {under $100}

Fall Transition Fashion Outfit for under $100 - Plus Size Curvy Girl Freindly- Featuring LuLaRoe & Target Blanket Scarf - Pretty as a Peach Blog

Fall is coming!

Can you smell it in the air? Leaves are just beginning to fall and transition and Starbucks has released PSL items. Fall is one of my favorite times of year, mainly because the fashion is my favorite. It may be still too warm for long sleeves and covered legs which means it’s time for that tricky transition fashion. You know what I mean? Too hot to wear one thing but too cool at night to not have a layer.

Two things:

  1. This outfit is under $100 INCLUDING accessories!

  2. This is plus-size and curvy girl friendly! For reference I am currently a 12/14.

Now on to this fabulous dreaming of fall outfit!

 Fall Transition Fashion Outfit for under $100 - Plus Size Curvy Girl Freindly- Featuring LuLaRoe & Target Blanket Scarf - Pretty as a Peach Blog

Dress: LuLaRoe Carly Dress $55 {here}, {here}, {here}, {here}, or {here}

{size Small for reference, and yes I’m totally aware I have a problem}

Scarf: Target Blanket Scarf $7 {only available in stores – found in the Dollar Spot}

**a few of you have let me know that this item is already sold out at your Target. You can find a similar one {here} for $12.99

Shoes:  dexflex Comfort Women’s Valerie Low Wedge $20 {in brown}

Bracelet: Lookatool 2pcs Women Simple Imitate Pearl Bib Choker Statement Collar Necklace $1.76 {I used the silver necklace and wrapped it 3X to make it into a bracelet}

Outfit total: $83.76


So tell me what you think peaches and happy fall y’all!

disclaimer: LuLaRoe is a fashion line with individual stylists. Each stylist has different items and patterns. I have given the links for groups that I have purchased from. If you choose to use them great, if not no pressure. 

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Blessed {Free Printable}

Do you ever find blessings in the most unexpected things?

With the craziness that is everyday life we try to find time during the day to connect and share as a family. One way we do that is family dinners.

When I saw our dining room table at an estate sale I had already had my eye out for plans to make a table that would fit at least eight people, then I saw it and knew I had to get it and refinish it. It was my first chalk painting project, the first project we completed as a family, and the first time Mr. K really trusted me with a design decision that was loud, and it has been a blessing for our family.

Colorful Sophisticated Dining Room - Annie Sloan Chalk Paint (table). Benjamin Moore Kendall Charcoal (walls)

We are able to fit friends and family now. To connect and bond and leave the hustle and bustle of this busy world behind even if it’s for just awhile.

In honor of our blessings, from dining tables to you lovely peaches, I am sharing a free 8X10 printable for your dining room. Feel free to print one for you, your friends, and your family. Share your blessings, always.

Free meal blessing chalkboard printable - Pretty as a Peach

{click to download 8X10}

{click to download 18X24}


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Favorite Breastfeeding Products

Peaches, this week is the Global Big Latch On. A week that honors and supports breastfeeding and pumping mothers that ends with public breastfeeding events around the world. Check out the link to learn more.

In honor of this week I am posting some of my favorite nursing and pumping products. I am still nursing a year later and I truly wondered if I would get this far. We had a horrible time with latches, and milk supply, and pain that made me question if it was possible for us. Now it’s fairly easy and I love it so much. Although pumping is not my favorite I still do that as well.

Without further ado, here are some of my favorite products. These are things I have used on an almost daily basis since I started breastfeeding.

Nylon Spaghetti Strap Cami Top – I have used these pretty much every day since I discovered them. Simply wear them under any shirt and when it’s time, pull your top layer up and your bottom layer down and boom! Nursing without getting a cold draft! Also bonus because they are cheap, comfortable, and stretchy.

Screen Shot 2016-08-02 at 9.10.01 AM

Vera Bradley Grand Traveler Bag – This is my “pumping bag”. I picked a corporate friendly style and loaded it down with my pumping necessities. It was absolutely necessary for me and has held up beautifully with not even so much as a loose thread so far!

Philips Avent Double Electric Breast Pump – This thing worked better than my Medela. The cups have a silicone cushion and you don’t need to sit stick straight for it to work. Unfortunately it was not covered by my insurance but I went ahead and sprang for it after my sister in law raved about it. The only downside to this pump is it can be hard (but not impossible) to find all the extra parts.











Simple Wishes Hands-Free Breastpump Bra – Do not ask questions, do not pass go, just buy. You can thank me later.


Gerber Flatfold Cloth Diapers – These things will shock you. They are thin and you may wonder how they could every be used as diapers. But, they are great for burp cloths and cleaning up after pumping. They also work great as a space filler in your cooler to keep your milk upright.


PackIt Freezable Lunch Bag with Zip Closure – This was the best I could find for my Dr. Brown’s Bottles. You stick the whole lunch bag in the freezer and it has ice packs built in. You cannot add ice to this without it leaking and you will need to wedge it somewhere so it doesn’t fall over in the car. This was great for back and forth to work but I would recommend a ziplock with ice for any long errands. Bonus: The company who makes this also makes the same things for wine bottles!

 There are some other things I loved but I’d call this the starter kit. I hope you find these as useful as I did. What are some of your favorite items?

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A Look Back: Our Gender Reveal

Recently, emailed DH to ask permission to share our gender reveal video. I thought I’d share it here for y’all with some more information.

When we moved to Utah we didn’t know anyone. Being the party planner that I am I was rather disappointed we couldn’t make our big announcement into an excuse for crafting, and debauchery without feeling a little guilty that our closest friends and family (which has now grown to include our Utah friends) still remained in other places. That’s when my fun-loving husband got an idea to do a video! It would allow those closest to us in on the fun while we got to have some fun ourselves. He started recruiting new friends and learned how to work a video editor and all I had to do was participate. We also debated on using the term sex vs gender reveal but decided “sex reveal” probably would get some raised eyebrows or the wrong viewership. We had to do several takes because we were a little awkward in front of the camera and our dog also was getting quite excited towards the beginning (she could sense big news was coming, I guess).

All in all it was such a fun alternative to the party and something I would recommend because we got to capture it all on video!

So, now, I will link you to both the post and the straight link to the video. I hope y’all enjoy it. Also, in the comment below, let us know what you did to reveal the sex of your baby?

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Momma Done Gone Crazy

Hello, Peaches!

It’s wonderful to have you here with me today. Tomorrow I will be the mother of a one year old…. How on earth did that happen?! It’s like time went on forever but jumped forward when I blinked my eyes.

Beau Neely has brought us so much joy, and love, and panic, and comfort all in one little package. As I sit here remembering the moment I woke up Mr. K and told him we needed to go to the hospital, to me currently rocking in place, tearing up, and drinking a glass of wine, I can barely believe I have made it though this year with so many memories that fade so fast. I can’t really remember what it was like when I first heard his laugh, or what time of day it was when he first got sick. I do remember the feelings though. The feeling of “fake it til you make it”, the feeling of “I got this” and then, “No I don’t, what the heck was I thinking?!?!”. Our baby boy is one!




I’ll keep this brief but I’m sure when Mr. K gets home and sees me crying and going through pictures that I never got around to printing he will think, “Momma done gone crazy”.

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Memorable Birthday Experiences for Him

During our fist year of marriage I decided that birthday’s would not consist of physical gifts (or at least not much) but instead be experiences. We have had some wonderful adventures over the past years because of this. Also, it has been a great way for us not to accumulate more “stuff”. Obviously this list can be used as a date idea list. Some of them are kind of pricey though so we wouldn’t be doing them normally.

For the Sports Lover:

  • Professional, college, or minor league games
  • Tour of sports stadiums
  • Sports hall of fame museum tours
  • Pay for his season on a local Sports & Social Club team
  • Go to a fencing or archery lesson.
  • Go to a gun range – if that’s your thing, try to find one that does gun rentals so he can shoot different guns.
  • Set up a tee time at a local golf course for him and some friends.

For the Gearhead:

  • Monster truck rally
  • Drag race
  • Other car shows or events
  • Performance driving school day
  • Luxury car rental
  • Full day of test driving cars (for free!)

For the Foodie:

  • Surprise picnic – Go to a park, beach, or for a hike. Get some yummy deli foods and specialty sodas or beers.
  • Cooking class – Offered at places like Whole Foods, Harmon’s, Central Market, Sur La Table, or Williams Sonoma to name a few.
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert tour – Get on Yelp, ask around, and plan a day full of good eats.

For the Day Drinker:

  • Pub crawl
  • Beer festivals – When we lived in Texas it was extremely common for us to spend Mr. Schmitts birthday at a beer festival called Wurstfest. It was always a great time.
  • Craft beer class
  • Tour a distillery or brewery

For the Adventurer:

  • Camping – Even backyard might do. You could roast s’mores and sleep under the stars.
  • Ziplining – we did this a few years ago and it was really cool! It’s much easier to find places within 2 hours that offer ziplining than you think.
  • Snow and water sports – Skiing, snowmobiling, sail boat lesson or rental, etc.
  • Find a local obstacle race and sign him up with a group of friends.
  • Hot air balloon ride
  • Flying lesson, plane or helicopter ride.

For the Relaxed Man:

  • Museum day
  • Spa day
  • Massage subscription service
  • Day at the beach
  • Concert tickets

For the Geeky Guy:

  • Comic con
  • Movie events – Movie theaters like Alamo Drafthouse have quote along days with classic movies they are always a blast
  • Murder Mystery Party or Dinner
  • Local classes  – Photography, archaeology, etc.
  • Tickets to a tech/film/music/etc convention

Some things to consider:

  • Budget – What’s your budget this year? If you are on a budget consider looking into (at least a few weeks ahead of time) Groupon, Living Social, or if you happen to be in one of the offered cities Gilt. Keep in mind that Gilt tends to be more curated but Groupon and Living Social are not (which is why those business models are failing, but I digress). If you find something on those sites, look for reviews, Yelp it. Make sure it’s going to be something that isn’t going to be a huge disappointment. No pressure or anything.
  • Travel – You may consider a weekend getaway (something we did often pre baby). Day trips or weekend trips can be really cool depending on your schedule.
  • Local Events – These can be the best. Think state fair or unique local events and festivals.

This year, The Daddi-o, has decided yet again to do another ultra-marathon (because you know that sounds like an absolutely joyous birthday event). I am giving him a cryotherapy session for after the race. He’s been wanting to do it for years so this was an easy year. Good thing too because with trying to keep the tiny human alive I almost forgot. Wife of the year.

Also, he’s getting this. Yes, it is amazing. Now he totally can’t be upset with my Zulily obsession.

Sunday is God's Day T-Shirt

Let me know some of your best birthday experiences below.

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How to Pit Crew for the Worlds Toughest Mudder by Tough Mudder. Tips, tricks, and info.
How to Pit Crew for the Worlds Toughest Mudder by Tough Mudder. Tips, tricks, and info.

Y’all it’s almost time for the craziest of crazies to get together and test themselves at the World’s Toughest Mudder. Believe it or not for Mr. K’s 30th birthday he decided that this obstacle race would be the perfect way to celebrate the big 3-0. Also unbelievable is the fact that I agreed to be his “pit crew”.

For those of you who are unaware, the World’s Toughest Mudder is a 24 hour obstacle race in which the participants try to make as many laps on a five mile obstacle course as possible. This is now hosted in Las Vegas but don’t expect to be partying after because your Tough Mudder will be sore and exhausted and pretty much unable to move for an entire day after.

Each Mudder is alloted a campsite and can have up to two “pit crew” members. The “pit crew” has 24 hour access to the course and is allowed to print lap times at the timing tent and camp overnight. My inner Phyllis Nefler was not happy with the camping but sucked it up for the man’s birthday.

Phyllis Nefler - Kumbaya, my lord.

Day Before: Usually the day before the race you are able to go and setup your pit area. You need to bring all / most of your stuff and get your area setup for efficiency. This is where that entire pack of water, and all your bags and crap come in. You will need to have heavy stuff to keep your tent pinned down in the event of (like in 2014) a middle of the night sand storm. Awesome, right? You will be parked a pretty good distance from the course so extra hands for setup and tear down are really, REALLY nice to have. If you don’t have that (we didn’t), make sure your stuff has wheels.

Be warned that the land is rocky and dusty so good freaking luck getting your tent staked to the ground. You want to choose a campsite that is close to the course, close-ish to the restrooms (not too close because you can really smell them after a while and gross!) and timing tent, and where you will be protected. What does protected mean? If you are close to a hill, you might be protected from wind and sun. If you are next to a larger tent on either side you are protected that way. Try to find some protection. Bring a lock and lock up your tent and be on your way.

Night Before: If you are planning on skipping the carb load dinner, don’t. Pay for the ticket and let your Mudder eat all the carbs. You will need to bring something to take notes. I’m not joking. They give insight into some of the obstacles along with technique information which we had forgotten by morning. He figured it out during the course but it would have been nice to have it written down.

Race day: Your biggest job will be making sure your Mudder eats. In my experience the big guys (like Mr. K) can do that pretty well. Our tent neighbor was a marathoner couple from Australia last year. He was having a hard time stuffing his face with enough calories to keep him going. So let me say this again, YOUR BIGGEST JOB IS MAKING SURE YOUR MUDDER EATS. Eats a lot. We did one to two peanut butter and jelly sandwiches, a banana, GU, Gatorade and / or an entire bottle of water after every lap. You think that’s crazy? Think again. The amount of calories they burn in one day could get me to my goal weight in one day. They are going to fight you on it, I promise. They need to eat if they want to keep going so stand your ground and force them to eat all the things.

During laps: After the first two laps I had a pretty good idea of how long they were taking. In between was my time to use the GAWD AWFUL restrooms (I’ll touch on this more later), prepare food, and changes of clothing, and get timing and lap info from the timing tent. If you can get all that done I suggest you get out on the spectator path and try to get some pictures of your Mudder for proof of their insanity. TBH, you aren’t going to have a lot of time to explore unless you are a two person pit crew. You may choose to make your purchases at the merchandise tent now instead of waiting until the last minute. Also, for lunch they have pretty long lines so go at the beginning of a lap.

Black Ops: Black Ops happens at sundown and lasts until sunup. This is where your Mudder is going to really start fighting a mental battle. Last year, Mr. K read a lot of information on this and decided not to sleep during the night. He knew that if he laid down he would not get back up. You need to be encouraging. They will say mean things and you may think they are going through labor, but just like in real labor the sassy words pass. It is the desert so chances are the temps are going to drop significantly. You need to have clothing ready that will make them warm. You need to be prepared to go snuggle up for body warmth. Be prepared to massage the heck out of those muscles, they have been shivering on top of the already extreme workout so they are going to need to keep that lactic acid from building up. Also, it’s cold so they may not be as willing to drink as much as they need. Keep track of their intake and make sure they are downing at least one bottle of water in between laps. Dehydration and hypothermia do not mix well.

If you made it this far that is great! Did you know that most Mudder’s and their crew’s don’t make it 24 hours? I’m not even talking race wise, I’m talking just pack up and leave in the middle of the night. If your Mudder’s goal is to make it 24 hours, DO NOT book a hotel room for the night of the race. Having no where to go will pretty much guarantee you don’t leave early.

Final Lap and Packing Up: Mr. K’s goal was 50 miles last year. He finished his 10th and final lap in time to possibly start one more lap. He decided at that point he wasn’t going for 55. Your first job is to be at the finish line with a camera in hand for pictures of this unbelievable feat. Also, food. Next, you will want to make sure your Mudder gets all of their bibs, medals, etc. Your Mudder might want to checkout the merchandise tent now. Then again they might not.

This is when your mudder will turn into the biggest GD baby you’ve ever seen. This time for good reason. Do NOT expect them to be able to help you tear down the campsite and make the mile walk to your car to put it all away like they did for setup. We learned that one the hard way. Since it was just Mr. K and myself (and as we later found out Little K was there with us) that pack up was long and required multiple trips by none other than moi.

Miscellaneous Tips:

  • The porta pottys are disgusting. You have two options. Buy some Poo-Pouri and what ever you do, don’t look down. OR you can try to find a hidden spot to go pee. It was pretty wide open so good luck.
  • Bring food and drinks you enjoy. It’s going to be a really long day and night, and a lot of work. I thought I would have more time to hit up the snack tents or even just see the course and I was wrong.
  • You may want to schedule a massage for the both of you after. They will be extremely sore and you just slept on the ground. A massage is a nice bonus.
  • Bring tupperware for the food you make. Our sandwiches literally turned into SANDwiches during the sand storm. We had sand entering the tent and I still don’t know how it happened.

Good luck to all you pit crew hopefuls. May you still be friends with your Mudder after this adventure.

Phyllis Nefler - The wilderness of life

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